Kōtui Quick Facts

As at: 1 May 2018

How many libraries?

38 councils (36 libraries) which is just over half of the 67 territorial authorities in New Zealand

Total population covered

1.28m, or just over 30% of NZ’s population (2013 census figures) 

Total Kōtui Membership

1,035,000 (nearest thousand)


Total Number of physical items held in Kōtui libraries 4,826,000 (nearest thousand)

Total Number of catalogue records 1,606,000 (nearest thousand)

Total Number of NewsIndex records 812,000 (nearest thousand)


Total number of physical items circulated in Kōtui libraries in the previous 12 months: 14,188,000 (nearest thousand)

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Service Status

All services operating

No issues reported.


About Kōtui

Kōtui is a shared library management and resource discovery service available to New Zealand public libraries on subscription. The word 'kōtui' in te reo Māori means to interlace or interweave.  Read more ...

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